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Don’t miss your chance to receive the sexual education needed for a truly satisfying sex life

  • Learn how to really enjoy sex and give and receive what you want
  • Discover how to navigate consent and agreements in relationships
  • Gain insights on embracing the full spectrum of sexuality

When did you receive a really great sexual education?

Most of us never receive the sexual education we need to have a truly satisfying sex life. True sex education teaches everything from:

  • Anatomy of our bodies and our orgasmic potential
  • How to really enjoy sex and give and receive what you want
  • How to navigate consent and agreements in relationship
  • How to stay healthy and protect against STIs
  • How to heal from sexual trauma or unwanted experiences
  • How to embody authenticity and embrace the full spectrum of sexuality

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Our Speakers

Sheri Winston

Anatomy Of Arousal

Sofia Sundari

Healing Shame And Liberating Orgasms

Matthias Schwent

Male Sexuality, Consent And Agreements

Dr. Martha Lee

Orgasmic Yoga And Sexual Skills In Relationships

Lou Paget

How To Be A Great Lover

Dr. Ava Cadell

Sex Toys For Healing, Novelty And Pleasure

Dr. Saida Desilets

Women And Desire

Eileen Kelly

Social Media, Millennials And Sex

Madison Young

Feminist Porn, Kink, BDSM And Motherhood

Galen Fous

BDSM, Kink And Sexual Authenticity

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova

The Science Of Casual Sex

Gabriella Cordova

Sex-Positivity In All Our Relationships

Ashley Manta

Cannabis, Sex And Overcoming Shame

Lisa Kinsella

LUWI and Bridging the Pleasure Gap

Jason Armstrong

Solosexuality And Fantasy

Dr. Brandye Wilson-Manigat

Gynecological Health, Menopause And Libido

Rahi Chun

Sexual Healing For Greater Pleasure

Dr. Elise Turen

Trans Sexuality And Why We Are All Trans (In Transition)

Dr. Jennifer Lang

Human Rights And Preventing Sexual Assault

Susan Bratton

How To Have Orgasms That Heal Your Marriage

Dr. Lauren Brim

The New Rules Of Sex, Coaching And The Adult Play Mat

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About Your Host:  Lauren Brim, Ph.D.

Lauren Brim, Ph.D. is a Doctor of Human Sexuality, an Advanced Practitioner of the BodyTalk System, a sexual coach for women, and author of four books: The New Rules of Sex; The New American Family; The New Rules of Sex Workbook; and Your Boyfriend’s Hooker. Lauren has worked in the healing arts for over 14 years as a practitioner and teacher across North America, Europe and Africa. She was studying to be a midwife in 2012 when her own reproductive challenges lead her away from midwifery and into sexual wellness education and coaching. Years later she went on to get her Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. She is passionate about supporting women’s health and sexuality through awareness, honesty and education, and works with clients on a variety of health challenges related to sexuality, pleasure, food, weight, reproduction and relationships. She is also the founder and creator of the Adult Play Mat. She now lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

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